Blue Collar Artisans

Photo by Tracey Eller

Photo by Tracey Eller

Traditional Techniques, Creative New Ideas.

Michael Poole, a former diver and underwater welder, opened his own shop, Blue Collar Artisans, in Easthampton in 2006. Poole is a renowned local welder with a strong background in creating custom work for individuals and small businesses. Some of his Western Massachusetts clients include The Roost, Jake’s Restaurant, The Northampton Brewery, Provisions, and Riff’s Hideaway Lounge. Since 2006 Blue Collar Artisans has been working in metal, glass, and wood to design and create beautiful functional items that will stand the test of time, both in design and durability.


“I believe strongly that the things we use every day can be beautiful as well as functional. In my time as an Underwater Welder, and Bridge Welder, I developed a great appreciation for the way things are made. I appreciate seeing the human hand in the way things are built, from the hardware and welds on a beautifully built bridge to the very same elements in a bookshelf or chandelier. A lot of times people aren’t sure what they want, or they aren’t able to articulate their idea. I truly enjoy the exchange of ideas and listening to customers, for the little spark of inspiration, to interpret their vision and create a piece of decorative art or furniture that captures the idea in their head.”

michael poole

Michael Poole

01027 Sculptural Bike Rack

Easthamption Community Arts + (ECA+) commissioned this sculptural bicycle rack by Michael Poole of Blue Collar Artisans and installed by the Department of Public Works in August 2015 in front of 81 Main Street. A great example of functional art. The teal colored bike rack is not only a nice work of art, but 01027 is also the ZIP code for Easthampton, MA. It is located at 81 Main Street, Easthampton.



“This design reflects my love for Easthampton, which is place I proudly call home. What I love most about this town is its strong ties to the factory and blue collar workforce that created it, and its openness to welcome people from all walks of life.”

01027 Sculptural Bike Rack

Poole was adamant about creating a sculptural bike rack that is accommodating to bicyclists using a variety of locking devices, and that the final creation be recognizable as a bike rack by passer-byes.

“I am passionate about art being accessible to people, and by investing in the idea that a bike rack sculpture must be user friendly on a practical level, I am left wanting to create a design that invites people to use the rack.”

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